MCL - Act 537 of 2008


Act 537 of 2008

AN ACT to authorize a process for retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms in this state; to prescribe certain powers and duties of the department of state police, the commission on law enforcement standards, and certain other state officers and agencies; to impose certain civil and criminal penalties; to impose certain requirements on certain persons issued certificates to carry concealed firearms; to provide for certain civil immunity; to allow for the collection of certain fees; to create certain funds; to provide for the forfeiture of firearms under certain circumstances; and to provide for the promulgation of rules.

History: 2008, Act 537, Eff. Mar. 31, 2009

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 28.511 Section Short title.
Section 28.512 Section Definitions.
Section 28.513 Section Certification of qualified retired law enforcement officer to carry concealed firearm; establishment of requirements and procedures by commission; rules.
Section 28.514 Section Eligibility to carry concealed firearm.
Section 28.515 Section Application requirements and procedures to verify identity; conduct criminal history, and conduct background investigation; establishment by commission.
Section 28.516 Section Application form; signature; providing false or misleading information as felony; penalty.
Section 28.517 Section Issuance of certificate; carrying certificate and driver license or Michigan personal identification card; disclosure to peace officer; forfeiture upon notice of revocation; violation; penalties.
Section 28.518 Section Circumstances requiring report to commission; failure to file report as misdemeanor; penalty.
Section 28.519 Section Implied consent to submit to chemical analysis; certificate holder under influence of alcoholic liquor or controlled substance; violation; penalty; exception; collection and testing of breath, blood, and urine specimens; refusal to take chemical test; report of violation to commission.
Section 28.520 Section Computerized database; creation and maintenance by commission; information to be contained; deletion; dissemination; confidentiality.
Section 28.521 Section Administration of active duty firearm standard; identification of eligible public entities.
Section 28.522 Section Firearm subject to seizure and forfeiture.
Section 28.523 Section Retired law enforcement officer safety fund; creation in state treasury; credit of funds; balance remaining at end of fiscal year; administration for auditing purposes; expenditures.
Section 28.524 Section Fees.
Section 28.525 Section Immunity from liability.
Section 28.526 Section Preemption.
Section 28.527 Section Expiration of commission's authority to issue certificates.