Legislative Publications

These publications have been prepared by the Michigan Legislature for its citizens and may not be used for reproduction for resale or profit. Many of these booklets contains information of a general nature concerning legal rights, but they are not meant as a substitute for state or federal law or the decisions of courts or public officials or agencies. These are informational guides, intended to aid the reader. If you would like multiple copies of any of these publications please contact your Michigan Representative or Senator

Constituent and General Information

Michigan Constitution Publication cover
Michigan Constitution
Revised 2/2023
Crime Victim's Rights Publication cover
Crime Victim's Rights
Revised 5/2023
Friend of the Court Publication cover
Friend of the Court
Revised 10/2021
Recycling Coloring Book Publication cover
Recycling Coloring Book
Revised 10/2022
Services for Seniors Publication cover
Services for Seniors
Revised 10/2022
Tenants and Landlords Publication cover
Tenants and Landlords
Revised 2/2024
Your Child Publication cover
Your Child
Revised 5/2024
Getting To Know Michigan Publication cover
Getting To Know Michigan
Revised 2/2024
Veterans Benefits Publication cover
Veterans Benefits
Revised 10/2023
Michigan Taxpayer's Guide Publication cover
Michigan Taxpayer's Guide
Revised 1/2024