MCL - Act 372 of 1927


Act 372 of 1927

AN ACT to regulate and license the selling, purchasing, possessing, and carrying of certain firearms, gas ejecting devices, and electro-muscular disruption devices; to prohibit the buying, selling, or carrying of certain firearms, gas ejecting devices, and electro-muscular disruption devices without a license or other authorization; to provide for the forfeiture of firearms and electro-muscular disruption devices under certain circumstances; to provide for penalties and remedies; to provide immunity from civil liability under certain circumstances; to prescribe the powers and duties of certain state and local agencies; to prohibit certain conduct against individuals who apply for or receive a license to carry a concealed pistol; to make appropriations; to prescribe certain conditions for the appropriations; and to repeal all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with this act.

History: 1927, Act 372, Eff. Sept. 5, 1927 ;-- Am. 1929, Act 206, Imd. Eff. May 20, 1929 ;-- Am. 1931, Act 333, Imd. Eff. June 16, 1931 ;-- Am. 1980, Act 345, Eff. Mar. 31, 1981 ;-- Am. 1990, Act 320, Eff. Mar. 28, 1991 ;-- Am. 2000, Act 265, Imd. Eff. June 29, 2000 ;-- Am. 2000, Act 381, Eff. July 1, 2001 ;-- Am. 2012, Act 123, Eff. Aug. 6, 2012
Popular Name: CCW
Popular Name: Concealed Weapons
Popular Name: CPL
Popular Name: Right to Carry
Popular Name: Shall Issue

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 28.421 Section Definitions; lawful owning, possessing, carrying, or transporting of pistol greater than 26 inches in length; conditions; firearm not considered as pistol; election.
Section 28.421a Section Concealed pistol licenses; issuance; creation of standardized system.
Section 28.421b Section Firearms records; confidentiality; disclosure prohibited; exceptions; violation as civil infraction; fine.
Section 28.422 Section License to purchase, carry, possess, or transport pistol or to purchase a firearm; issuance; qualifications; applications; sale of firearm; exemptions; transfer of ownership to heir or devisee; nonresident; active duty status; forging application as felony; implementation during business hours.
Section 28.422a Section Individuals not required to obtain license; duties of seller; background check; noncompliance as state civil infraction; penalty; entering information into pistol entry database; obtaining copy of information; exemption; material false statement as felony; penalty; rules; verification; definitions.
Section 28.422b Section Entry of order or disposition into law enforcement information network; written notice; person subject of order; request to amend inaccuracy; notice of grant or denial of request; hearing; entry of personal protection order; service required.
Section 28.423 Section Repealed. 2000, Act 381, Eff. July 1, 2001.
Section 28.424 Section Restoration of rights by circuit court; petition; fee; determination; order; circumstances.
Section 28.425 Section Concealed pistol application kits.
Section 28.425a Section Validity and duration of concealed pistol license issued before December 1, 2015; duties of county clerk; verification by state police; applicant issued personal protection order; emergency license; requirements; notice of statutory disqualification; surrender of emergency license; compilation of firearms laws by legislative service bureau; distribution; statement.
Section 28.425b Section License application; form; contents; material false statement as felony; record; fee; verification of requirements; determination; circumstances for issuance; information of court order or conviction; fingerprints; issuance or denial; individual moving to different county; replacement license; suspension or revocation of license; furnishing copy of application to individual; list of certified instructors; delivery of license by first-class mail; liability for civil damages; voluntary surrender of license; definitions.
Section 28.425c Section License; form; contents; authorized conduct; photograph.
Section 28.425d Section Denial or failure to issue notice of statutory disqualification, receipt, or license; appeal.
Section 28.425e Section Database; annual report.
Section 28.425f Section Concealed pistol license; possession; disclosure to peace officer; violation; fine; notice to department; suspension or revocation by county clerk; entry into law enforcement information network; seizure by peace officer; forfeiture; "peace officer" defined.
Section 28.425g Section Pistol or portable device that uses electro-muscular disruption technology; subject to seizure and forfeiture; exception.
Section 28.425h Section Expiration of license issued under former law; renewal license.
Section 28.425i Section Instruction or training; liability.
Section 28.425j Section Pistol training or safety program; conditions; prohibited conduct; violation of subsection (3) as felony; certificate of completion.
Section 28.425k Section Acceptance of license as implied consent to submit to chemical analysis of breath, blood, or urine; collection and testing; refusal to take chemical test; definitions.
Section 28.425l Section License; validity; duration; renewal; waiver of educational requirements; fingerprints.
Section 28.425m Section Repealed. 2015, Act 3, Eff. June 2, 2015.
Section 28.425n Section Other license or permit; limitations by employer prohibited.
Section 28.425o Section Premises on which carrying concealed weapon or portable device that uses electro-muscular disruption technology prohibited; “premises” defined; exceptions to subsections (1) and (2); violation; penalties.
Section 28.425v Section Concealed weapon enforcement fund; creation; disposition of funds; lapse; expenditures.
Section 28.425w Section Appropriation; amount; purpose; total state spending; appropriations and expenditures subject to MCL 18.1101 to 18.1594.
Section 28.425x Section Concealed pistol licensing fund.
Section 28.426 Section Issuance of license; conditions.
Section 28.426a Section Repealed. 2015, Act 3, Eff. June 2, 2015.
Section 28.427 Section Concealed weapons licenses; expiration.
Section 28.428 Section Suspension, revocation, or reinstatement of license; notice; surrender of license; order or amended order; entry into law enforcement information network; effect of suspension or revocation order; failure to receive notice.
Section 28.429 Section Firearm; safe storage requirements; penalties if minor obtains firearm; exceptions; literature for firearms dealers; definitions.
Section 28.429a Section Repealed. 2012, Act 377, Imd. Eff. Dec. 18, 2012.
Section 28.429b Section Repealed. 2012, Act 377, Imd. Eff. Dec. 18, 2012.
Section 28.429c Section Repealed. 2012, Act 377, Imd. Eff. Dec. 18, 2012.
Section 28.429d Section Repealed. 2000, Act 381, Eff. July 1, 2001.
Section 28.430 Section Theft of firearm; report required; failure to report theft as civil violation; penalty.
Section 28.431 Section Repealed. 2012, Act 377, Imd. Eff. Dec. 18, 2012.
Section 28.432 Section Inapplicability of MCL 28.422; amendatory act as "Janet Kukuk act".
Section 28.432a Section Exceptions.
Section 28.432b Section Signaling devices to which MCL 28.422 inapplicable.
Section 28.432c Section Repealed. 2000, Act 381, Eff. July 1, 2001.
Section 28.433 Section Unlawful possession of weapon; complaint, search warrant, seizure.
Section 28.434 Section Unlawful possession; weapon forfeited to state; disposal; immunity.
Section 28.434a Section Disposition of firearm; immunity from civil liability; "law enforcement agency" defined.
Section 28.435 Section Sale of firearms by federally licensed firearms dealer; sale of trigger lock or secured container; exceptions; brochure, warning, and literature; statement of compliance; notice of liability; action by political subdivision against firearm or ammunition producer prohibited; rights of state attorney general; exceptions; effect of subsections (9) through (11); violation; penalties; definitions.