MCL - Act 281 of 2023


Act 281 of 2023

AN ACT to require certain public officers to file annual financial disclosure reports; to create a financial disclosure form; to prescribe penalties and civil sanctions; and to provide for the powers and duties of certain state and local governmental officers and entities.

History: 2023, Act 281, Eff. Feb. 13, 2024

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 15.701 Section Short title; expectation of transparency.
Section 15.703 Section Definitions.
Section 15.705 Section Annual financial disclosure report; filing requirement; timing; notice; corrections.
Section 15.707 Section Financial disclosure report; required contents; blind trust exception; certification.
Section 15.708 Section Future employment agreement or arrangement; report to department.
Section 15.709 Section Permissible omissions from report.
Section 15.711 Section Standard financial disclosure form; accessibility.
Section 15.713 Section Secretary of state; duties and responsibilities; declaratory ruling; filing of violations complaint; investigation; rebuttal statement; determination; hearing; final decision or order; report preservation.
Section 15.715 Section Failure to file report; penalties.