MCL - Act 124 of 1865


Act 124 of 1865

AN ACT to designate the holidays to be observed in acceptance and payment of bills of exchange, bank checks and promissory notes, the business of banking, savings and loan, building and loan, municipal offices, the holding of courts and relative to the continuance of suits.

History: 1865, Act 124, Eff. June 22, 1865 ;-- Am. 1919, Act 335, Eff. Aug. 14, 1919 ;-- Am. 1948, 1st Ex. Sess., Act 33, Eff. Aug. 20, 1948

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 435.101 Section Public holidays as to bills, checks, notes, and holding of courts; validity of bank transactions performed on Saturday; holding court or transacting business on Saturday; continuation of action, matter, or proceeding; adjournment of circuit court to secular day; validity of legal process, holding courts, or transaction of business on Saturday afternoons; closing of county or municipal offices on Saturday; state employees working on Sunday.
Section 435.102 Section Monday deemed public holiday where certain holidays fall on Sunday; presentation of bills, checks, and notes.
Section 435.103 Section Saturday closing for banks, savings and loan associations and building and loan associations.