MCL - Act 10 of 2023


Act 10 of 2023

AN ACT to require prevailing wages and fringe benefits on state projects; to establish the requirements and responsibilities of contracting agents and bidders; to make appropriations for the implementation of this act; and to prescribe penalties.

History: 2023, Act 10, Eff. Feb. 13, 2024

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 408.1101 Section Definitions.
Section 408.1102 Section Contracts for state projects; minimum wage provisions; exceptions.
Section 408.1103 Section Prevailing wage and fringe benefit rates; schedule as part of specifications and bid form.
Section 408.1104 Section Prevailing wages and fringe benefit rates; establishment; public hearings.
Section 408.1105 Section Prevailing wage and fringe benefit rates; posting by contractors.
Section 408.1106 Section Prevailing wages and fringe benefits; failure to pay, termination of contract; contractor's liability and sureties.
Section 408.1107 Section Prohibited conduct.
Section 408.1108 Section Violation of act; penalty; liability.
Section 408.1109 Section Inapplicability of act.
Section 408.1110 Section Administration and enforcement.
Section 408.1111 Section Failure to comply; liability; civil action; damages.
Section 408.1112 Section Failure to comply with wage, benefits, and nondiscrimination nonretaliation requirements; court action; damages; injunctive relief.
Section 408.1113 Section Violation of act; civil penalties.
Section 408.1114 Section Administration, enforcement, and investigations; commissioner rights; records.
Section 408.1115 Section Investigations or proceedings; powers.
Section 408.1116 Section Violation of act; filing of complaint.
Section 408.1117 Section Statute of limitations; complaint.
Section 408.1118 Section Investigations; right to interview.
Section 408.1119 Section Retaliatory acts; complaint; rebuttable presumption.
Section 408.1120 Section Final order.
Section 408.1121 Section Request for review of determination; hearing.
Section 408.1122 Section Maintenance of records; failure to comply; civil penalty.
Section 408.1123 Section Promulgation of rules.
Section 408.1124 Section Exhaustion of administrative remedies; unavailable as defense.
Section 408.1125 Section Appropriation.
Section 408.1126 Section Severability.