MCL - Act 91 of 1915


Act 91 of 1915

AN ACT to provide for the investigation and improvement of marketing conditions and establishing the office of market director and prescribing the duties and powers thereof; and to prescribe penalties for the violation of the provisions of this act.

History: 1915, Act 91, Eff. Aug. 24, 1915 ;-- Am. 1937, Act 322, Eff. Oct. 29, 1937

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 285.31 Section Investigation of market conditions; director and employes.
Section 285.32 Section Director; duties, powers, assistance to cooperative associations.
Section 285.32a Section “Farm product” defined; permissive grading system; compliance with MCL 289.701 et seq. and MCL 290.601 et seq.
Section 285.32b Section Identification of farm product as meeting certain grade; use of specific market name or logo; identification of tomatoes; definitions.
Section 285.32c Section Representations on face of container; overfacing container as violation of act.
Section 285.33 Section Director; information to producers.
Section 285.34 Section Director; cooperation with United States; auction markets.
Section 285.35 Section Director; schedule of fees, basis, deposit to general fund.
Section 285.36 Section Director; bulletins, contents, publication.
Section 285.37 Section Director; transportation delays, report; violation of laws; food spoilage; prevention of waste.
Section 285.38 Section Commissioner of agriculture; inspection, certificates; exception.
Section 285.39 Section Violation of act; misdemeanor.