MCL - Act 9 of 1929


Act 9 of 1929

AN ACT to regulate corporations, associations or persons engaged in the business of carrying and transporting natural gas through pipe lines and to regulate the production, purchase and sale of natural gas; to provide for the control and regulation of such corporations, associations and persons by the Michigan public utilities commission; to define the powers and duties of the commission relative thereto; to prescribe penalties for the violations of the provisions hereof; and to repeal Act No. 29 of the Public Acts of 1889.

History: 1929, Act 9, Imd. Eff. Mar. 19, 1929

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 483.101 Section Natural gas; buying, selling or transporting.
Section 483.102 Section Condemnation to acquire rights-of-way, use of highways; limitation to intrastate transportation.
Section 483.103 Section Control vested in public utilities commission; scope; limitations.
Section 483.104 Section Common purchaser; definition; purchase without discrimination.
Section 483.105 Section Regulations of public utilities commission.
Section 483.106 Section Common carriers; preference prohibited.
Section 483.107 Section Maximum daily flow.
Section 483.108 Section Curtailment of purchase.
Section 483.109 Section Map or plat of proposed line; filing with public utilities commission, approval; existing carriers.
Section 483.110 Section Filing schedule of rates or charges; filing copies of contracts; alterations or amendments; application; approval; appeal.
Section 483.111 Section Sale and purchase contract; filing.
Section 483.112 Section Annual statement; contents.
Section 483.113 Section Accounts and records.
Section 483.114 Section Prevention of waste; rules of public utilities commission.
Section 483.115 Section Penalties; civil liability.
Section 483.116 Section Assistants; employment by commission.
Section 483.117 Section Municipal corporations excepted.
Section 483.120 Section Immediate effect.