MCL - Act 70 of 1955


Act 70 of 1955

AN ACT to authorize cities to acquire and operate exhibition areas for commercial, industrial and agricultural products; to provide for the issuance of bonds to finance the cost thereof; to authorize the fixing and collecting of fees and other charges for the use of facilities therein; and to authorize the making of reasonable rules and regulations relative to the public use of facilities therein.

History: 1955, Act 70, Eff. Oct. 14, 1955

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 123.651 Section Exhibition areas for display of commercial, industrial, and agricultural products.
Section 123.652 Section Exhibition areas; appropriation.
Section 123.653 Section Exhibition areas; operation and maintenance.
Section 123.654 Section Exhibition areas; fees, rules.
Section 123.655 Section Exhibition areas; bonds; appropriation of revenues.