MCL - Act 59 of 1851


Act 59 of 1851

AN ACT to authorize the formation of telegraph companies.

History: 1851, Act 59, Imd. Eff. Mar. 20, 1851

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 484.151 Section Telegraph companies; incorporators.
Section 484.152 Section Telegraph companies; certificate of organization, contents, filing.
Section 484.153 Section Body corporate; certified copy of certificate as evidence.
Section 484.154 Section Power to hold realty; officers and agents; rules and by-laws.
Section 484.155 Section Telegraph lines; construction, restrictions.
Section 484.156 Section Aggrieved property owner; remedy, procedure.
Section 484.157 Section Injury to line; penalty.
Section 484.158 Section Stockholder's liability for corporate debts; contribution.
Section 484.159 Section Annual report; contents; failure to make, liability of directors.
Section 484.160 Section Annual tax; in lieu of other state taxes.
Section 484.161 Section Shares of stock; status as personalty, transfer, purchase in other corporations.
Section 484.163 Section Books; inspection, use as evidence; penalty, forfeiture.
Section 484.164 Section Transmission of dispatches; penalty.
Section 484.165 Section Transmission of dispatches; order of transmission; penalty.
Section 484.166 Section Divulging contents; willful failure to transmit; penalty, civil liability.
Section 484.167 Section State's lien for taxes; sale; surplus.
Section 484.168 Section Amendment or repeal of act.
Section 484.169 Section Immediate effect.
Section 484.170 Section Appraisal of damages; lands in more than 1 county.
Section 484.171 Section Appraisal of damages; contiguous lands of same person.
Section 484.172 Section Amendment to articles; filing, recording, use of certified copy as evidence.