MCL - Act 48 of 2002


Act 48 of 2002

AN ACT to create a telecommunication rights-of-way oversight authority; to provide for fees; to prescribe the powers and duties of municipalities and certain state agencies and officials; to provide for penalties; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.

History: 2002, Act 48, Eff. Nov. 1, 2002

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 484.3101 Section Short title; purpose of act.
Section 484.3102 Section Definitions.
Section 484.3103 Section Local community stabilization authority; powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities; annual report; rules; transfer of certain powers, duties, records, and funds from metropolitan extension telecommunications rights-of-way oversight authority to the authority; abolishment; duties of director of department of licensing and regulatory affairs and state budget director; suit, action, or other proceeding; effect of rules, regulations, orders, contracts, and agreements adopted before October 1, 2014.
Section 484.3104 Section Enactment of local laws; limitation; existing rights.
Section 484.3105 Section Use of public rights-of-way; providers subject to permit and fee requirements; facilities located in public right-of-way at effective date of act; permit application.
Section 484.3106 Section Applications and permits issued after effective date of act; form and process; disagreement on terms; appointment of mediator; determination by commissioner; extension; request for emergency relief; filing permit application with municipality; route maps; maintenance of website by commission.
Section 484.3107 Section Inability of provider and municipality to agree; appointment of mediator by commission; determination by commission; issuance; extension.
Section 484.3108 Section Maintenance fee.
Section 484.3109 Section Fee discount.
Section 484.3110 Section Fee-sharing payments.
Section 484.3111 Section Fee sharing; allocation of fund under section 10(1); excluded municipalities.
Section 484.3112 Section Fee sharing; allocation of fund under section 10(2); weighted linear feet; excluded municipalities.
Section 484.3113 Section Modification of fees by municipality.
Section 484.3114 Section Telecommunication or cable modem service through broadband internet access transport service; requirements; exceptions; violation; complaint.
Section 484.3115 Section Provider access to and use of public rights-of-way.
Section 484.3116 Section Cable franchise.
Section 484.3117 Section Review of decision or review.
Section 484.3118 Section Complaint; proceeding; remedies and penalties.
Section 484.3119 Section Provisions found invalid or unconstitutional; effect.
Section 484.3120 Section Supreme court opinion; request by legislature or governor.