MCL - Act 235 of 1947


Act 235 of 1947

AN ACT to regulate the ownership, extension, improvement and operation of public water and sewage disposal systems lying within 2 or more public corporations; to authorize the acquisition, by any public corporation, of that part of a public water or sewage disposal system lying within its boundaries; and to provide for the payment and security of revenue bonds issued for the construction, acquisition, extension and improvement of such systems.

History: 1947, Act 235, Eff. Oct. 11, 1947

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 123.331 Section Public corporation; definition.
Section 123.332 Section Water and sewage disposal system; acquisition through change of boundaries; referendum.
Section 123.333 Section Disposal system; electors' approval; ordinance.
Section 123.334 Section Disposal system; joint board or commission, control; members, election.
Section 123.335 Section Disposal system; alternative plans for division or operation.
Section 123.336 Section Disposal system; retirement of bonds; noncallable bonds; bond and interest redemption fund; payment priority; bonds subject to revenue bond act of 1933.
Section 123.337 Section Disposal system; operation as a single unit; segregation and disposition of revenues, retirement of bonds.
Section 123.338 Section Disposal system; operation as a separate unit after retirement of bonds; collection and disposition of revenues.
Section 123.339 Section Disposal system; division between public corporations; proportionate share of expenses or indebtedness.
Section 123.340 Section Disposal system; operation by joint board or agency as unit; fund payments; depreciation, contingent, and surplus funds; revised municipal finance act inapplicable.
Section 123.341 Section Disposal system; apportionment of revenues, debts, properties; realty, purchase, use.
Section 123.342 Section Disposal system provisions applicable.
Section 123.343 Section Disposal system; cumulative effect of act; repeal of authority granted by other law.
Section 123.344 Section Disposal system; joint acquisition by public corporations under other statutes; contracts.
Section 123.345 Section Disposal system; contracts for division of systems existing or to be acquired.
Section 123.346 Section Vote or proceeding by public corporation before effective date of act; validation.
Section 123.347 Section Act not deemed part of bondholders' contract; proceedings impairing contracts prohibited.