MCL - Act 233 of 1955


Act 233 of 1955

AN ACT to provide for the incorporation of certain municipal authorities to acquire, own, extend, improve, and operate sewage disposal systems, water supply systems, and solid waste management systems; to prescribe the rights, powers, and duties thereof; to authorize contracts between such authorities and public corporations; to provide for the issuance of bonds to acquire, construct, extend, or improve the systems; and to prescribe penalties and provide remedies.

History: 1955, Act 233, Eff. Oct. 14, 1955 ;-- Am. 1981, Act 154, Imd. Eff. Nov. 19, 1981 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 182, Eff. Mar. 23, 1999

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 124.281 Section Definitions.
Section 124.282 Section Incorporation of authority by municipalities; purpose; adoption of articles of incorporation; endorsement; territory; publishing and filing articles of incorporation; effective date; presumption of validity.
Section 124.283 Section Joint authority; articles of incorporation, contents.
Section 124.284 Section Authority as municipal authority and public body corporate; powers generally.
Section 124.284a Section Rules and regulations; adoption by resolution; notice; effective date; summary.
Section 124.284b Section Violation of rule or regulation; civil fine.
Section 124.284c Section Prohibitions and penalties.
Section 124.284d Section Enforcement of rules and regulations; issuance of citation or appearance ticket; exercise and scope of enforcement powers; costs and fees.
Section 124.284e Section Discontinuance and restoration of service.
Section 124.285 Section Acquiring and holding, managing, controlling, selling, exchanging, or leasing property for system or combination of systems; condemnation.
Section 124.286 Section Joint authority; subsequent addition of other municipalities; amendment of articles.
Section 124.287 Section Contracts between authority and constituent municipalities or Indian tribe; purpose; pledging full faith and credit for payment of obligation; taxes; additional methods of raising other funds; permissible contract provisions.
Section 124.288 Section Municipality or Indian tribe desiring to contract with authority; authorization; resolution; notice; contents; execution and delivery of contract; effective date; petition requesting referendum upon contract; voting; effect of action taken prior to effective date of subsection (2); special election; verification of petition signatures; number of registered electors.
Section 124.288a Section Violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
Section 124.289 Section Issuance of negotiable bonds; maturity; use of money; conditions for issuance or refunding of bonds; bonds issued, sold, and subject to MCL 141.2101 to 141.2821.
Section 124.290 Section Contract with municipality or Indian tribe for furnishing certain services; charges or rates; contract with public corporation for services or use of facilities; lump sum payment; financing; duration of contract; contract as general obligation.
Section 124.291 Section Change in jurisdiction over territory in contracting municipality; effect on contract obligations; generator of waste not precluded from arranging for use of recyclable waste materials.
Section 124.292 Section Financing project by issuance of revenue bonds; charges and rates.
Section 124.292a Section Additional security for payment of municipality's contractual obligations; pledging full faith and credit and state sales tax moneys; resolution.
Section 124.292b Section Acquisition of water systems; projects over $50,000,000, financing; costs; project revenue bonds; payment; terms and conditions of additional bonds; tax exemption; approval.
Section 124.292c Section Bonds secured by trust indenture; provisions in resolution or trust indenture; annual audit; pledging eligible marketable securities as collateral security for deposits; expenses; construction of 1958 amendments.
Section 124.293 Section Authorization to raise or pay money for administrative expenses or other purposes; direct taxing power.
Section 124.294 Section Constituent municipalities; additional powers.