MCL - Act 191 of 1968


Act 191 of 1968

AN ACT to create a state boundary commission; to prescribe its powers and duties; to provide for municipal incorporation, consolidation, and annexation; to prescribe penalties and provide remedies; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.

History: 1968, Act 191, Eff. Nov. 15, 1968 ;-- Am. 1972, Act 362, Imd. Eff. Jan. 9, 1973 ;-- Am. 1998, Act 191, Eff. Mar. 23, 1999
Compiler's Notes: For transfer of powers and duties of the state boundary commission from the department of commerce to the director of the department of consumer and industry services, see E.R.O. No. 1996-2, compiled at MCL 445.2001 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 123.1001 Section Definitions.
Section 123.1002 Section State boundary commission; creation; appointment, qualifications, terms, and removal of members; vacancy; compensation; expenses; chairman.
Section 123.1003 Section State boundary commission; employees and consultants.
Section 123.1004 Section State boundary commission; offices and facilities; rules, regulations, and procedures; meetings; records; oaths.
Section 123.1004a Section State boundary commission; conducting business at public meeting; notice; availability of writings to public.
Section 123.1005 Section Municipal boundary adjustments; appointment of county members and alternates to serve on commission; residency requirement; vacancy; term; per diem and expenses; oath.
Section 123.1006 Section Order of processing petitions and resolutions.
Section 123.1007 Section Incorporation of village or city; initiation; petitions; signatures and filing; powers and duties of commission; census; other means of incorporation; incorporation of general law village or home rule village without change of boundaries.
Section 123.1007a Section Violation of MCL 168.1 to 168.992 applicable to petitions; penalties.
Section 123.1008 Section Review of proposed incorporations; certifying nonconformance of petition; return of petition; public hearing; commencement of time period; notice of hearing; sufficiency or legality of petition.
Section 123.1009 Section Review of proposed incorporation; criteria.
Section 123.1010 Section Denial or approval of proposed incorporation; revision of boundaries; referendum on question of incorporation.
Section 123.1010a Section Incorporation of village as city; population and other incorporation requirements; initiation; submittal to electors; election of charter commissioners; effective date of incorporation; stay of proposed change of boundaries after incorporation approved by electors; division of assets and liabilities.
Section 123.1011 Section Succession to property and liabilities; division of properties; sharing of revenues; tax assessment and collection.
Section 123.1011a Section Jurisdiction over annexation petitions or resolutions.
Section 123.1011b Section Resolution calling for referendum on question of annexation; conditions; filing; order; referendum and election resolution not passed; approval of annexation; applicability of section; section as alternative to referendum and election process provided for in MCL 117.9(5).
Section 123.1012 Section Petition for consolidation; filing; inclusion of township; contents of petition; rejection of petition.
Section 123.1012a Section Denial or approval of consolidation; revision of boundaries; referendum on question of consolidation; notice.
Section 123.1012b Section Jurisdiction of commission over reannexation of detached territory.
Section 123.1013 Section Proposed consolidation including portion of township; “municipality” defined; order; election and number of charter commissioners; appointment of charter commissioners; resolution; eligibility; applicability of subsection (2).
Section 123.1014 Section Election on consolidation; form of ballot; expenses; canvass; returns; commissioners.
Section 123.1015 Section Meeting of charter commission; notice; procedure for adopting charter; power, duties, and procedure of commission; submission of charter to electors.
Section 123.1016 Section Charter of consolidated city; preparation, contents; effect of adoption of provisions in charter.
Section 123.1017 Section Corporate status of municipalities; submission of revised charter to electors; effect of unfavorable vote; termination of proceedings.
Section 123.1018 Section Judicial review.
Section 123.1019 Section State boundary commission within department of treasury; establishment.
Section 123.1020 Section Repeals.