MCL - Act 179 of 1947


Act 179 of 1947

AN ACT to provide for the incorporation of certain municipal authorities for the collection or disposal, or both, of garbage or rubbish, or both, and for the operation of a dog pound; and to prescribe the powers, rights and duties thereof.

History: 1947, Act 179, Eff. Oct. 11, 1947 ;-- Am. 1955, Act 92, Imd. Eff. June 2, 1955

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 123.301 Section Garbage and rubbish disposal and dog pound authority; incorporation by municipality.
Section 123.302 Section Authority; articles of incorporation, contents.
Section 123.303 Section Authority; corporate powers; construction of act.
Section 123.304 Section Authority; acquisition, management, sale or lease of land; condemnation.
Section 123.305 Section Authority; contracts; time limitations; charges.
Section 123.306 Section Authority; right to make subcontracts.
Section 123.307 Section Authority; articles of incorporation, amendment.
Section 123.308 Section Power to raise and expend moneys; payment of contracts; taxing power denied authority.
Section 123.309 Section Self-liquidating revenue bonds; issuance.
Section 123.310 Section Powers additional.
Section 123.311 Section Entering or extending contract, obligation, bond, or note; sale or transfer of property; determination of current market value; withdrawal of member from qualified authority; payment; dissolution of authority; payment of environmental activities; distribution of assets; articles of incorporation; definitions.