MCL - Act 132 of 2017


Act 132 of 2017

AN ACT to create a program under which volunteers may provide services to organizations in this state to respond to cybersecurity incidents; to provide for protection from liability for personal injury and property damage; to provide for the powers and duties of state governmental officers and agencies; and to create the Michigan cyber civilian corps advisory board and prescribe its powers and duties.

History: 2017, Act 132, Eff. Jan. 24, 2018

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 18.221 Section Short title.
Section 18.222 Section Definitions.
Section 18.223 Section Michigan cyber civilian corps volunteers; appointment; purpose.
Section 18.224 Section Service as Michigan cyber civilian corps volunteer; contract.
Section 18.225 Section Criminal history check and criminal records check.
Section 18.226 Section Michigan cyber civilian corps volunteer as agent, employee, or independent contractor; liability of state.
Section 18.227 Section Immunity from tort liability; conditions; compromise, settlement, or payment of claim by department; reimbursement for legal expenses; "gross negligence" defined.
Section 18.228 Section Deployment of Michigan cyber civilian corps volunteers.
Section 18.229 Section Michigan cyber civilian corps advisory board; creation; composition; duties.
Section 18.230 Section Chief information officer; duties; operation guidelines; contracts with clients; training; compensation for travel and expenses; fee schedule; disclosure of information.