MCL - Act 13 of 1921


Act 13 of 1921

AN ACT to promote the agricultural interests of the state of Michigan; to create a state department of agriculture; to define the powers and duties thereof; to provide for the transfer to and vesting in said department of powers and duties now vested by law in certain other state boards, commissions and officers, and to abolish certain boards, commissions and officers the powers and duties of which are hereby transferred.

History: 1921, Act 13, Imd. Eff. Mar. 22, 1921

The People of the State of Michigan enact:
Document Type Description
Section 285.1 Section Department of agriculture; commission; director; assistants and employees; term, compensation, offices.
Section 285.2 Section Transfer of powers and duties to department of agriculture; abolition of agencies and officers; transfer of records, files, and papers; pending proceedings.
Section 285.3 Section Transfer of additional powers and duties to department of agriculture; abolition of offices; records, files, and data.
Section 285.4 Section Repealed. 2000, Act 39, Imd. Eff. Mar. 24, 2000.
Section 285.5 Section Promotion of agricultural interests; cooperation with state and federal agricultural agencies; fostering trade; preventing fraudulent land sales; supervisory control.
Section 285.6 Section Effective date; repeal.
Section 285.7 Section Declaration of necessity.