MCL - Section 460.9b

Act 3 of 1939

460.9b Alternative gas suppliers; licensing procedure; maintenance of office; capabilities; records; tax remittance.

Sec. 9b.

    (1) The commission shall issue orders establishing a licensing procedure for all alternative gas suppliers participating in any natural gas customer choice program approved by the commission. An alternative gas supplier shall not do business in this state without first receiving a license under this act.
    (2) An alternative gas supplier shall maintain an office within this state.
    (3) The commission shall assure that an alternative gas supplier doing business in this state has the necessary financial, managerial, and technical capabilities and require the supplier to maintain records that the commission considers necessary.
    (4) The commission shall require an alternative gas supplier to collect and remit to state and local units of government all applicable users, sales, and use taxes if the natural gas utility is not doing so on behalf of the supplier.

History: Add. 2002, Act 634, Imd. Eff. Dec. 23, 2002