MCL - Section 460.7

Act 3 of 1939

460.7 Railroad labor unions; representatives; right to participate in hearings.

Sec. 7.

     Any elected or designated representatives of a recognized labor organization in the railroad industry which has a fiduciary relationship with its members and the health or safety of whose members in the course of their employment is affected by any action or inaction of the public service commission (including any rule, practice or order of said commission) or is affected by the violation of any statute whose enforcement is within the jurisdiction of the public service commission, shall have the right to file complaints or petition and appeal and be heard and participate fully as a party in interest in any hearings or investigations conducted by the public service commission in connection therewith: Provided, That the services rendered by such elected or designated representative shall be part of his regular duties and responsibilities, and he shall receive for such services no special compensation or fee from such organization or any individual member or members thereof, and such representation is limited to matters pertaining to the health or safety of such members in the course of their employment. This provision shall in no way affect representation authorized by Act No. 162 of the Public Acts of 1966.

History: Add. 1967, Act 89, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967
Former Law: See section 7 of Act 3 of 1939, which was repealed by Act 267 of 1945.