MCL - Section 460.6n

Act 3 of 1939

460.6n Restructuring of residential electric rates; hearings; revenue impact; purpose and basis of restructured rates; penalizing residential customers prohibited; informing public of conservation advantages; contents of customer's bill; costs; applicability of section.

Sec. 6n.

    (1) Not later than 4 months after the effective date of this section, the commission shall commence hearings to restructure residential electric rates established pursuant to former section 6f of this act. The restructuring may be independent of any pending case for rate reductions or increases or may be included within any general rate case proceeding. The revenue impact of the restructured rates shall be included and recognized solely within the residential class of customers.
    (2) Rates restructured pursuant to this section shall encourage residential energy conservation and shall be based upon cost of service and other relevant factors.
    (3) The commission shall ensure that electric utilities do not penalize residential customers for billings which are for more than 31 days of service in any monthly billing period.
    (4) The commission shall take steps necessary to inform the public of the advantages of conservation. In addition to requiring the total charges for service to be reflected on a residential customer's bill, the commission shall require electric utilities to print on each residential customer's bill the total amount of electricity used, the rate for each block used by the customer, and the total charge for each block of electrical usage by the customer. All costs incurred by the electric utilities in carrying out the requirements of this subsection shall be included in the cost to serve the residential customer.
    (5) This section shall apply only to electric utilities serving more than 200,000 residential customers in this state.

History: Add. 1984, Act 49, Imd. Eff. Apr. 12, 1984