MCL - Section 124.81

Act 106 of 2007

124.81 Access to books, records, and documents; payment of annual assessment.

Sec. 11.

    The commissioner, or any person appointed by the commissioner, may examine the affairs of any pooled plan, and for such purposes shall have free access to all the books, records, and documents that relate to the business of the plan, and may examine under oath its trustees, officers, agents, and employees in relation to the affairs, transactions, and condition of the pooled plan. Each authorized pooled plan shall pay an assessment annually to the commissioner to be deposited into the insurance bureau fund created in section 225 of the insurance code of 1956, 1956 PA 218, MCL 500.225, in an amount equal to 1/4 of 1% of the annual self-funded contributions made to the pooled plan for that year. The assessments paid under this section shall be appropriated to the office of financial and insurance services to cover the additional costs incurred by the office of financial and insurance services in the examination and regulation of pooled plans under this act.

History: 2007, Act 106, Imd. Eff. Oct. 1, 2007