MCL - Section 10.73

Act 1 of 1968

10.73 Powers and duties.

Sec. 3.

     The commission shall:
    (a) Stimulate and encourage throughout the state study and review of the status of women in this state.
    (b) Strengthen home life by directing attention to critical problems confronting women as wives, mothers, homemakers and workers.
    (c) Recommend methods of overcoming discrimination against women in public and private employment and civil and political rights.
    (d) Promote more effective methods for enabling women to develop their skills, continue their education, and to be retrained.
    (e) Make surveys and appoint advisory committees in the fields of, but not limited to, education, social services, labor laws and employment policies, law enforcement, health, new and expanded services, legal rights, family relations and volunteer services.
    (f) Secure appropriate recognition of women's accomplishments and contributions to this state.

History: 1968, Act 1, Eff. Nov. 15, 1968