MCL - Section 423.1

Act 176 of 1939

423.1 Declaration of public policy.

Sec. 1.

    It is hereby declared as the public policy of this state that the best interests of the people of the state are served by preventing or promptly settling labor disputes; that strikes and lockouts and other forms of industrial strife, regardless of where the merits of the controversy lie, are forces productive ultimately of economic waste; that the interests and rights of the consumers and the people of the state, while not direct parties thereto, should always be considered, respected and protected; and that the voluntary mediation of such disputes under the guidance and supervision of a governmental agency will tend to promote permanent industrial peace and the health, welfare, comfort and safety of the people of the state.

History: 1939, Act 176, Imd. Eff. June 8, 1939 ;-- CL 1948, 423.1 ;-- Am. 2012, Act 348, Eff. Mar. 28, 2013 ;-- Am. 2023, Act 8, Eff. Feb. 13, 2024
Constitutionality: Michigan's labor mediation law was held invalid where it conflicted with provisions of the national labor relations act. International Union of United Automobile, Aircraft and Agricultural Implement Workers of America, CIO v O'Brien, Prosecuting Attorney, 339 US 454; 70 S Ct 781; 94 L Ed 978 (1949).
Compiler's Notes: For transfer of powers and duties relating to promulgation of rules by the employment relations commission from the department of labor to the director of the department of consumer and industry services, see E.R.O. No. 1996-2, compiled at MCL 445.2001 of the Michigan Compiled Laws.Enacting section 1 of Act 348 of 2012 provides:"Enacting section 1. If any part or parts of this act are found to be in conflict with the state constitution of 1963, the United States constitution, or federal law, this act shall be implemented to the maximum extent that the state constitution of 1963, the United States constitution, and federal law permit. Any provision held invalid or inoperative shall be severable from the remaining portions of this act."