MCL - Section 324.43536a

Act 451 of 1994

324.43536a Obtaining license by active member of military; “active member of the military” defined.

Sec. 43536a.

    (1) Beginning March 1, 2014, an active member of the military may obtain any license under this part for which a lottery is not required at no cost upon presentation to a licensing agent of leave papers, duty papers, military orders, or other evidence acceptable to the department verifying that he or she is stationed outside of this state. The license is valid during the season in which that license would otherwise be valid.
    (2) As used in this section, "active member of the military" means either of the following:
    (a) An individual described by section 43506(3)(d).
    (b) An individual who meets all of the following requirements:
    (i) The individual is a reserve component soldier, sailor, airman, or marine or member of the Michigan national guard and is called to federal active duty.
    (ii) At the time the individual was called to federal active duty, he or she was a resident of this state.
    (iii) The individual has maintained his or her residence in this state for the purpose of obtaining a driver license or voter registration, or both.

History: Add. 1996, Act 585, Eff. Mar. 1, 1997 ;-- Am. 2003, Act 4, Imd. Eff. Apr. 22, 2003 ;-- Am. 2004, Act 545, Imd. Eff. Jan. 3, 2005 ;-- Am. 2013, Act 21, Imd. Eff. May 8, 2013 ;-- Am. 2013, Act 108, Imd. Eff. Sept. 17, 2013 ;-- Am. 2014, Act 281, Eff. Mar. 31, 2015
Compiler's Notes: Enacting section 1 of Act 281 of 2014 provides:"Enacting section 1. This act reenacts all or portions of 2012 PA 520, 2013 PA 21, 2013 PA 22 and 2013 PA 108. If any portions of 2012 PA 520 or 2013 PA 21 or 2013 PA 22 or 2013 PA 108 not amended by this act are invalidated pursuant to referendum or any other reason, then any such invalidated portions of 2012 PA 520, 2013 PA 21, 2013 PA 22 and 2013 PA 108 which are otherwise included in this act, shall be deemed to be reenacted pursuant to this act."Enacting section 2 of Act 281 of 2014 provides:"Enacting section 2. If any part or parts of this act are found to be in conflict with the state constitution of 1963, the United States constitution, or federal law, this act shall be implemented to the maximum extent that the state constitution of 1963, the United States constitution, and federal law permit. Any provision held invalid or inoperative shall be severable from the remaining portions of this act."Public Act 281 of 2014 was proposed by initiative petition pursuant to Const 1963, art II, § 9. The initiative petition was approved by an affirmative vote of the majority of the Senate on August 13, 2014 and by the House of Representatives on August 27, 2014. The initiative petition was filed with the Secretary of State on August 27, 2014.In Keep Michigan Wolves Protected v State of Michigan, an unpublished opinion issued November 22, 2016, (Docket No. 328604), the Michigan Court of Appeals held that 2014 PA 281, which amended sections of the natural resources and environmental protection act, 1994 PA 451, MCL 324.101 to 324.90106, is unconstitutional as it violates the title-object clause of section 24 of article IV of the state constitution of 1963.
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