MCL - Section 28.297

Act 222 of 1972

28.297 Commercial look-up service; disposition of fees; computerized central file; providing file to nongovernmental person or entity.

Sec. 7.

    (1) The secretary of state may provide a commercial look-up service of records maintained under this act. For each individual record looked up, the secretary of state shall charge a fee of $15.00. The secretary of state shall process a commercial look-up request only if the request is in a form or format as prescribed by the secretary of state. Until October 1, 2027, fees collected under this subsection must be credited to the transportation administration collection fund created in section 810b of the Michigan vehicle code, 1949 PA 300, MCL 257.810b.
    (2) The secretary of state shall establish and maintain a computerized central file of the information contained on application forms received under this act. The computerized central file must be interfaced with the law enforcement information network as provided in the C.J.I.S. policy council act, 1974 PA 163, MCL 28.211 to 28.215.
    (3) Except as provided in section 10(2), the secretary of state shall not provide an entire computerized central file or other file of records maintained under this act to a nongovernmental person or entity, unless the purchaser pays the prescribed fee for each individual record contained within the computerized file.

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