senate resolution no.113

Senator Theis offered the following resolution:

A resolution to recognize April 29, 2024, as End Jew-Hatred Day.

Whereas, For millennia, the Jewish people have sustained their shared religious, cultural, and ethnic identity and traditions in the face of enslavement, persecution, genocide, segregation and discrimination; and

Whereas, The Jewish community has continued to be subjected to antisemitism and Jew-hatred, including discrimination in the workplace, on school campuses, and in public spaces; and

Whereas, Hate crimes directed against the Jewish community have skyrocketed in recent years, inspiring and empowering Jewish people to discover and embrace their heritage, without fear of attack or persecution; and

Whereas, We all share an obligation to condemn and combat Jew-hatred in all of its forms; and

Whereas, We recognize the urgent need to stand against Jew-hatred so that the intergenerational trauma of the past shall never be repeated; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate, That the members of this legislative body recognize April 29, 2024, as End Jew-Hatred Day; and be it further

Resolved, That we set aside political differences, unite with singular purpose to condemn Jew-hatred in all of its forms, and stand resolute to end the discrimination and persecution of the Jewish people.