house resolution no.196

Reps. DeBoyer, Cavitt, Schmaltz, Harris, St. Germaine, Fox, Posthumus, Slagh, Borton, Rigas, BeGole, Zorn, Smit, Tisdel, Martin, Alexander, Phil Green, Aragona, Steele, Hoadley, Wozniak, Beson and Kunse offered the following resolution:

A resolution to urge the Governor of Michigan to support the rights of the state of Texas and call on the federal government to enforce federal immigration laws.

Whereas, Texas, as one of the United States, possesses inherent rights to self-governance and sovereignty. Texas has exercised these rights throughout its long history of defending its borders and preserving its unique American heritage; and

Whereas, Recent federal actions, and inactions, have raised concerns about encroachments on Texas’ sovereignty, particularly in matters concerning border security and immigration enforcement. New Department of Homeland Security guidelines require the consideration of mitigating factors when deciding whether to remove aliens who have engaged in serious criminal conduct, and aliens are not considered a threat to border security if they unlawfully entered the United States before November 2020; and

Whereas, Texas has demonstrated a strong commitment to maintaining the integrity and security of its borders despite federal opposition. Texas has invested resources in mechanisms to deter unlawful entry into the United States, such as installing a floating barrier in the Rio Grande River that makes it more difficult to cross from Mexico into Texas and laying concertina wire along several sections of the riverbank. The federal government sued the state of Texas to prevent the use of the floating barrier, and Border Patrol agents have moved or cut portions of the concertina wire, allowing migrants to cross the river without interference. Texas is currently defending its actions to promote border security in court; and

Whereas, The people of Texas have the right to determine their own laws and policies in accordance with their values and priorities; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, That we urge the Governor of Michigan to express her full support for the Governor of Texas as he continues to fight for his state’s right to sovereignty and self-determination; and be it further

Resolved, That we urge the Governor of Michigan to stand in solidarity with the Governor of Texas in the defense of Texas’ inherent right to sovereignty and security; and be it further

Resolved, That we call on the federal government to reverse course and enforce federal immigration law while also respecting the sovereignty of Texas, and to refrain from any actions that infringe upon its rights to control its own borders and enforce its own laws.