Senate Resolution No. 22

Offered by Senators Klinefelt, Polehanki, McMorrow, Bayer, Shink, Outman, Wojno, Huizenga, Santana, Chang, Cavanagh and Geiss


WHEREAS, The MVAA serves as the state’s central coordinating agency for Michigan’s 550,000-plus veterans and their families; and

WHEREAS, On January 18, 2013, the MVAA was created by an executive order; and

WHEREAS, The MVAA embraces the belief that those who serve our state and nation in the armed forces are members for life; and

WHEREAS, The agency provides support, care, advocacy, and service to veterans of all eras and backgrounds; and

WHEREAS, Veterans and their families are assisted by the MVAA by connecting them to federal and state resources and benefits they earned for their service; and

WHEREAS, The commitment to these brave men and women begins the day they take their oath, and provides comprehensive support after their service, ensuring that their long-term care needs are met with dignity, and their loved ones are supported in times of need; and

WHEREAS, The MVAA’s goal is to reach and serve all Michigan veterans, a strategic approach that calls for connecting with underserved veteran populations including female veterans, tribal veterans, and incarcerated veterans; and

WHEREAS, They work to remove the barriers veterans face in employment, education, health care, and quality of life, making Michigan a great place for veterans and their families to call home; and

WHEREAS, The MVAA works with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, various state departments and agencies, and hundreds of community-based veteran programs to create a no wrong door access to benefits and services; and

WHEREAS, The agency is responsible for the operation of the Michigan Veteran Resource Service Center, a 24/7/365 call center (1-800-MICH-VET) in partnership with Michigan 211; and

WHEREAS, The MVAA is responsible for the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund, which provides short-term emergency relief to eligible veterans. Additionally, the agency is accountable for the state’s grant to chartered veterans service organizations and the Michigan Association of County Veterans Counselors; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the members of this legislative body recognize the 10th anniversary of the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency (MVAA); and be it further

RESOLVED, That we honor the agency’s dedication to serving Michigan veterans and their families as they work to improve the quality of life.

Adopted by the Senate, March 16, 2023.

Secretary of the Senate