Senate Resolution No. 4

Offered by Senators Klinefelt, Polehanki, Cavanagh, Hertel, McCann, Chang, Wojno, Irwin, Bayer, Cherry, Singh, Camilleri, McMorrow, Shink, Santana, Geiss, Moss, Hoitenga,

Victory, Webber, Lauwers, Johnson, Huizenga and Anthony



WHEREAS, Michigan’s 83 county governments play a central role in the proper delivery of, and oversight for, critical public services for the state’s approximately 10 million residents; and

WHEREAS, Michigan county governments are led by boards of commissioners who are elected from their communities; and

WHEREAS, The State Association of Supervisors of Michigan was formed by representatives of 16 counties on February 1, 1898, in the Senate chamber of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing; and

WHEREAS, The association’s name was changed to the Michigan Association of Counties on July 17, 1969; and WHEREAS, MAC is the oldest association representing local governments in Michigan; and

WHEREAS, John W. Ewing of Eaton County was elected as the first president of the association in 1898; and

WHEREAS, 48 of Michigan’s 83 counties have had at least one of their commissioners (or supervisors prior to 1968) serve as president of the association’s board of directors; and

WHEREAS, The State Association of Supervisors was formally incorporated on January 24, 1940, with offices at 335 Hillcrest in East Lansing; and

WHEREAS, W. E. Dennison became the first executive director of the association in 1955, and served to 1967, a period during which the association relocated its offices to Lansing; and

WHEREAS, The association created the Michigan Counties Workers’ Compensation Fund in 1979 to help county members provide workplace safety and injury insurance services to its employees; and

WHEREAS, The association created the Michigan Association of Counties Service Corporation in 1986 to partner with service providers to help counties save money on everything from health insurance to telecommunications services; and

WHEREAS, The association hosts two major conferences every year to bring together county leaders for briefings on trending public policy issues and to hear from state newsmakers and others; and

WHEREAS, The association’s advocacy work in Lansing and beyond has advanced the interests of county governments and the residents they serve; and

WHEREAS, No fewer than five association presidents have served, or are serving, in the Michigan Legislature in the 21st century, a testament to the culture of public service inculcated by the association; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED BY THE SENATE, That the members of this legislative body commemorate February 1, 2023, as the 125th anniversary of the Michigan Association of Counties (MAC). We honor the association’s dedication to serving the county boards of commissioners in Michigan as they work to improve the quality of life for all Michigan residents.

Adopted by the Senate, February 1, 2023.

Secretary of the Senate