house resolution no.228

Reps. Farhat, Aiyash, Byrnes, Breen, Fitzgerald, Glanville, Haadsma, Koleszar, MacDonell, Rheingans, Rogers, Schuette and Weiss offered the following resolution:

A resolution to declare April 2024 as Arab-American Heritage Month in the state of Michigan.

Whereas, At least 260,000 Arab-Americans reside in the state of Michigan; and

Whereas, Michigan is home to the highest concentration of Arab-Americans in the United States; and

Whereas, Michigan is proud to celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions of all its residents, and recognizes the essential role played by Arab Americans in the growth and prosperity of the state; and

Whereas, Arab-Americans have been an integral part of the state of Michigan since their migration to the United States in the 1880s in search for a destination that will better provide political, economic, and religious freedom; and

Whereas, The Arab-American community has a rich heritage, embodying the traditions and values of their ancestral homelands, and lending their own unique perspectives and innovations to the American experience; and

Whereas, The vast contributions of the Arab American community in the fields of academia, business, medicine, science, and social justice continue to make our state a better place to live; and

Whereas, The working class population of this community has played a pivotal role in the establishment of industrial force that our state is known for today; and

Whereas, National Arab American Heritage Month was officially recognized by the United States Congress in April of 2005, to honor and celebrate the contributions of Arab-Americans to American society and culture; and

Whereas, The people of Michigan are encouraged to participate in events and activities that celebrate and recognize the achievements and contributions of Arab-Americans throughout history, and to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the Arab-American community; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body declare April 2024 as Arab-American Heritage Month in the state of Michigan.