March 16, 2023, Introduced by Senators JOHNSON, MCMORROW, POLEHANKI, SANTANA, GEISS, CHERRY, IRWIN, SHINK, HERTEL, KLINEFELT, BAYER, CHANG and HUIZENGA and referred to the Committee on Civil Rights, Judiciary, and Public Safety.

A bill to amend 1846 RS 84, entitled

"Of divorce,"

by amending section 34 (MCL 552.34), as amended by 1983 PA 211.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 34. An action to annul a marriage on the ground that 1 of the parties was under the age of legal consent, as provided in section 3 of Act No. 128 of the Public Acts of 1887, being section 551.103 of the Michigan Compiled Laws, 1887 PA 128, MCL 551.103, may be brought by the parent or guardian entitled to the custody of the minor or by the next friend of the minor, but the marriage shall not be annulled on the application of a party who was of the age of legal consent at the time of the marriage. , or when it appears that the parties, after they had attained the age of consent, had freely cohabited as husband and wife.