March 20, 2024, Introduced by Reps. Steckloff, Pohutsky, Rheingans, Byrnes, Dievendorf, Paiz, Young, Brixie, Hood, Arbit, Tsernoglou, Conlin, Price, MacDonell, Glanville, McKinney, Breen, Wilson, Hope, Grant, Weiss, Wegela, Andrews, Coffia, Brabec, Scott, McFall, Rogers, Skaggs, Morgan, Hill, Farhat, Hoskins, Martus, Haadsma and Aiyash and referred to the Committee on Labor.

A bill to amend 1978 PA 390, entitled

"An act to regulate the time and manner of payment of wages and fringe benefits to employees; to prescribe rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, and the powers and duties of the department of labor; to require keeping of records; to provide for settlement of disputes regarding wages and fringe benefits; to prohibit certain practices by employers; to prescribe penalties and remedies; and to repeal certain acts and parts of acts,"

by amending section 13a (MCL 408.483a), as added by 1982 PA 524.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 13a. (1) An employer shall not do any of the following:

(a) Require as a condition of employment, nondisclosure by include in a written policy a statement, or otherwise implement or engage in a practice that prohibits or discourages an employee of his or her from disclosing the employee's wages.

(b) Require an employee to sign a waiver or other document which that purports to deny an employee the right to disclose his or her the employee's wages.

(c) Discharge, formally discipline, or otherwise discriminate against for job advancement an employee who discloses his or her the employee's wages.

(d) Ask a person seeking employment for information regarding the person's past wages, fringe benefits, credit score, or credit history or otherwise seek information regarding the person's past wages, fringe benefits, credit score, or credit history.