September 28, 2023, Introduced by Reps. Jaime Greene, Hoadley, Alexander, Bierlein, Meerman, DeBoyer, Maddock, Bruck, Johnsen, Smit, Thompson, Fink, Markkanen, Cavitt, Rigas, Schmaltz, Roth and Kunse and referred to the Committee on Government Operations.

A bill to amend 1976 PA 451, entitled

"The revised school code,"

(MCL 380.1 to 380.1852) by adding section 1346.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 1346. (1) A public school shall not participate in an agreement with, or accept a grant from, a foreign country of concern if the agreement or grant does any of the following:

(a) Constrains the public school's freedom to contract.

(b) Allows the curriculum or values of a program in this state to be directed or controlled by the foreign country of concern.

(c) Promotes an agenda that is detrimental to the safety and security of the United States or its residents.

(2) Before the public school executes a cultural exchange agreement with a foreign country of concern, the substance of the cultural exchange agreement must be shared with a federal agency concerned with protecting national security or enforcing trade sanctions, embargoes, or other restrictions under federal law.

(3) If the federal agency reviewing the cultural exchange agreement under subsection (2) determines that the agreement promotes an agenda that is detrimental to the safety and security of the United States or its residents, the public school shall not enter into the agreement.

(4) A public school shall not accept anything of value that is conditioned on its participation in a program or other endeavor that promotes the language or culture of a foreign country of concern.

(5) As used in this section:

(a) "Foreign country of concern" means any of the following:

(i) The People's Republic of China.

(ii) The Russian Federation.

(iii) The Islamic Republic of Iran.

(iv) The Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

(v) The Republic of Cuba.

(vi) The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

(vii) The Syrian Arab Republic.

(viii) An agency or other entity under significant control of a country described in subparagraphs (i) to (vii).

(b) "Grant" means a transfer of money for a specified purpose, including, but not limited to, a conditional gift.