March 02, 2023, Introduced by Reps. O'Neal, Brenda Carter, Scott, Arbit, Wilson, Byrnes, Rheingans, Neeley, Glanville, Mentzer, Breen, Hope, Rogers, Hood, Schuette and Aiyash and referred to the Committee on Appropriations.

A bill to amend 1979 PA 94, entitled

"The state school aid act of 1979,"

by amending section 61c (MCL 388.1661c), as amended by 2022 PA 144.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 61c. (1) From the state school aid fund money appropriated in section 11, there is allocated for 2022-2023 only an amount not to exceed $7,500,000.00 to eligible career education planning districts for the purposes described in this section. To be eligible to receive funding under this section, at least 50% of the area served by a CEPD must be located in an intermediate district that did not levy a vocational education millage in 2022.

(2) To receive funding under subsection (1), each eligible CEPD must apply in a form and manner prescribed by the department. Funding to each eligible CEPD must be equal to the quotient of the allocation under subsection (1) and the sum of the number of career education planning districts applying for funding under subsection (1) that are located in an intermediate district that did not levy a vocational education millage in 2022.proportionate to the number of state-approved CTE programs, based on program serial numbers, excluding early middle college programs, within the CEPD in 2022, except that a CEPD for which at least 50% of the area served by the CEPD is located in an intermediate district that did not levy a millage for area vocational-technical education in 2022 must receive twice the allocation as otherwise calculated under this subsection.

(3) At least 50% of the funding allocated to each eligible CEPD under this section must be used to update equipment in current state-approved CTE programs that have been identified in the highest 5 career cluster rankings in any of the prosperity regions in the most recent CEPD regional strategic plans jointly approved by the Michigan talent investment agency in the department of labor and economic opportunity and the department; , for training on new equipment; , for professional development relating to computer science or coding or new equipment purchases; , for the replacement of old or outdated equipment or new equipment in existing state-approved CTE programs that align with new technology used in industries; or for new and emerging certified state-approved CTE programs to allow CEPD administrators to provide programming in communities that will enhance economic development. The funding for equipment should be used to support and enhance community areas that have sustained job growth, and act as a commitment to build a more qualified and skilled workforce. In addition, each CEPD is encouraged to explore the option of leasing equipment from local private industry to encourage the use of the most advanced equipment.

(4) The allocation of funds under this section at the local level must be determined by CEPD administrators using data from the state, region, and local sources to make well-informed decisions on program equipment improvements. Grants awarded by CEPD administrators for capital infrastructure costs related to the purchase of new equipment must be used to ensure that state-approved CTE programs can deliver educational programs in high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand occupations. Each CEPD shall continue to ensure that program advisory boards make recommendations on needed improvements for equipment that support job growth and job skill development and retention for both the present and the future.

(5) Not later than September 15 of each fiscal year, each CEPD receiving funding shall annually report to the department, the senate and house appropriations subcommittees on school aid, the senate and house fiscal agencies, and the legislature on equipment purchased under subsection (1). In addition, the report must identify growth data on program involvement, retention, and development of student skills.

(6) As used in this section:

(a) "CEPD" means a career education planning district described in this section.

(b) "CTE" means career and technical education.