September 27, 2023, Introduced by Reps. Bierlein, Kunse, Hoadley, Alexander, Fitzgerald, St. Germaine, Neyer, Aragona, Borton, Bruck, Roth, Outman, Miller, Coleman, Farhat, Posthumus, Meerman, Smit and BeGole and referred to the Committee on Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure.

A bill to amend 1949 PA 300, entitled

"Michigan vehicle code,"

(MCL 257.1 to 257.923) by adding section 811gg.

the people of the state of michigan enact:

Sec. 811gg. The secretary of state shall develop under section 811e and issue under section 811f a fund-raising plate recognizing the Michigan 4-H. The secretary of state in conjunction with the Michigan 4-H shall design the fund-raising plates authorized in this section. The secretary of state shall transfer the donation money from the sale of the Michigan 4-H fund-raising plates to the state treasurer, who shall credit the donation money to the Michigan 4-H Foundation fund established in section 811hh.

Enacting section 1. This amendatory act does not take effect unless Senate Bill No.____ or House Bill No. 5056 (request no. 04114'23 *) of the 102nd Legislature is enacted into law.