House Bill 4723 (Substitute S-2 as reported)

Sponsor: Representative Jason Morgan

House Committee: Transportation, Mobility, and Infrastructure

Senate Committee: Transportation and Infrastructure




The bill would amend the Michigan Vehicle Code to require the SOS to develop a Merchant Marine special registration plate and issue the plate upon application to an individual who was or had been a member of the United States Merchant Marine.


Proposed MCL 257.803t




The Code provides for special license plates honoring military service members, veterans, and Purple Heart recipients, among others. The United States Merchant Marine consists of civilian mariners who have merchant marine credentials from the United States Coast Guard and who generally work in the commercial shipping industry or in times of war assist the United States Armed Forces with maritime transportation needs. Currently, the State does not offer a plate for an individual who is or was a United States Merchant Marine and it has been suggested that a plate be created for their recognition.


Legislative Analyst: Abby Schneider




The bill could create some costs for the Department of State to produce a new vehicle registration plate for Merchant Marines; however, the costs should be absorbable within annual appropriations. There would be no service fee applied to this plate and the vehicle registration tax revenues would remain the same and be deposited into the Michigan Transportation Fund.


Additionally, the bill could have an indeterminate negative fiscal impact and an indeterminate positive fiscal impact on the State and local government. New misdemeanor arrests and convictions under the bill could increase resource demands on law enforcement, court systems, community supervision, and jails; however, it is unknown how many people would be prosecuted under the bill. Local jail costs vary by jurisdiction and thus costs for local governments would vary. Local revenue to local libraries could increase under the bill as any additional revenue from imposed fines would go to local libraries.


Date Completed: 6-5-24 Fiscal Analyst: Joe Carrasco, Jr.





This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.