Senate Bill 705 (as introduced 2-6-24)

Sponsor: Senator Paul Wojno

Committee: Local Government


Date Completed: 2-20-24




The bill would amend Public Act 161 of 1895, which requires county treasurers to provide transcripts and records upon request and prescribes the associated fees, to require a county treasurer to provide electronic records of specific property information that the treasurer had direct access to or could otherwise provide. The bill also would require a county treasurer to consider a request for a winter tax bill and a summer tax bill as a single request when charging a fee for their request.


The Act requires county treasurers to furnish transcripts and abstracts of records upon request. The Act also prescribes fees for any request for a transcript of a paper or record on file at a county treasurer's office.


Currently, if the county treasurer maintains, controls, or manages any electronic records containing any of the following information in the record for each parcel of real property in the county for the current tax year, the county treasurer must provide those electronic records:


--    The taxable value.

--    The state equalized value.

--    The assessed value.

--    Past sale data.

--    Property classification.

--    Property address.

--    Parcel identification number.

--    Owner name and address.

--    Taxpayer name and address.

--    Principal residence status.

--    Other tax equalization data.

--    Special assessments.

--    Total millage rate.

--    Enumerated millage list.

--    Tax bill amount for winter tax bill.

--    Tax bill amount for summer tax bill.


Instead, under the bill, if a county treasurer maintained, controlled, managed, had direct access to, or could otherwise provide any electronic record containing any of the information listed above for each parcel of real property in the county for the requested tax year, the county treasurer would have to provide those electronic records.


Under the Act, the maximum charge must be $0.30 per parcel record described above and may not exceed $2,000 for each request for an electronic copy of records in an electronic data file that is maintained, controlled, or managed by the County Treasurer. Under the bill,

a request for an electronic copy of records that included a request for the tax bill amounts for a winter tax bill and a summer tax bill would be considered a single request. If both tax bill amounts were available at the time of the request, the maximum charge would be $2,000 for the combined request.


MCL 48.101 Legislative Analyst: Alex Krabill




The bill would have no fiscal impact on the State and would reduce local unit revenue by an indeterminate, and likely negligible, amount by capping the fee that could be charged for certain requests of property tax records.


Fiscal Analyst: Bobby Canell

David Zin

This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.