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Public Act Year: 2023
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Act 281 of 1967 Statute INCOME TAX ACT OF 1967 (206.1 - 206.847)
Section 206.30 Section "Taxable income" defined; personal exemption; single additional exemption; deduction not considered allowable federal exemption for purposes of subsection (2); allowable exemption or deduction for nonresident or part-year resident; subtraction of prizes under MCL 432.1 to 432.47 from adjusted gross income prohibited; adjusted personal exemption; "retirement or pension benefits" defined; limitations, restrictions, and options; treatment of surviving spouses; definitions.
Section 206.51 Section Tax rate on taxable income of person other than corporation; percentages of collections deposited in state school aid fund; farmland credits; renew Michigan fund; imposition of annualized rate; computation of taxable income of nonresident; resident beneficiary of trust; tax credit; including items of income and deductions from trust in taxable income; intent of section; definitions.
Section 206.51h Section Michigan taxpayer rebate fund.
Section 206.272 Section Earned income tax credit; amount equal to federal credit; refund.
Section 206.476 Section Rebate of taxes; credit; advanced refund payment; administration and procedures; definitions.
Section 206.695 Section Distribution of revenue.
Section 206.696 Section Revitalization and placemaking fund.