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Public Act Number: 258
Public Act Year: 2023
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 168.495 Section Registration application; contents.
Section 168.496a Section Preregistration requirements; age 16; application; processing and transfer of application; considered registered elector at 17.5 years of age; qualified voter file notification; public education and outreach campaign.
Section 168.509o Section Qualified voter file; establishment and maintenance; individuals considered registered voters; signed application; development and use of process to update qualified voter file; availability of canceled voter registration information; participation in multistate programs or services; limitations.
Section 168.509q Section Qualified voter file; information to be contained for each voter; requirements for program participant in address confidentiality program act; confidentiality of preregistration information.
Section 168.509r Section Qualified voter file; establishment and maintenance of computer system and programs; access; verification of accuracy; compilation of electors; sources; person whose name does not appear in file; requirements; inactive voter file.
Section 168.509gg Section Information exempt from freedom of information act.
Section 168.516 Section Registration records; public inspection.