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Public Act Number: 208
Public Act Year: 2023
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 762.10d Section Bench warrants; voluntary presentment; arraignment process; exceptions; definitions.
Section 764.1a Section Complaint; allegations; swearing before magistrate or clerk; issuance of summons; finding of reasonable cause; testimony; supplemental affidavits; basis of factual obligations; complaint alleging violation of MCL 750.81 or 750.81a or corresponding ordinance; refusal to accept complaint prohibited; compliance with MCL 764.1; definitions.
Section 764.3 Section Failure to appear; rebuttable presumption for first failure; revocation of release order or forfeiture of bail; issuance of warrant; conditions and reasons.
Section 765.6e Section Detainment period for individual arrested on warrant that originated in another county; exceptions.
Section 769.4a Section Assault on spouse, former spouse, individual with child in common, dating relationship, or household resident; plea or finding of guilty; deferral of proceedings; order of probation; previous convictions; adjudication of guilt upon violation of probation; mandatory counseling program; costs; circumstances for entering adjudication of guilt; discharge and dismissal; limitation; court proceedings open to public; retention of nonpublic record by department of state police; definitions.
Section 777.13k Section Applicability of chapter to certain felonies; MCL 333.2685 to 333.5661.
Section 777.16d Section MCL 750.81(5) to 750.91; felonies to which chapter applicable.
Section 777.16p Section MCL 750.317 to 750.329a; felonies to which chapter applicable.