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Public Act Number: 195
Public Act Year: 2023
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 141.506 Section Uniform city income tax ordinance; application; voluntary registration to withhold.
Section 141.509 Section Administration, enforcement, and collection of city income tax by department of treasury; agreement; disposition of amounts collected; provisions.
Section 141.603 Section Definitions; A to D.
Section 141.673 Section Examination of books and records; witnesses; additional provisions relating to dispute resolution.
Section 141.684 Section Due and unpaid assessment; determination; proposed assessment; written protest or request for informal conference; frivolous protest; penalty.
Section 141.685 Section Final assessment.
Section 141.686a Section Authority to impose a lien for taxes.
Section 141.686b Section Demand for payment; warrant; levy on property; refusal or failure to surrender property; personal liability; effect of levy on salary or wages; service of warrant-notice levy.
Section 141.686c Section Recording release of a lien; conditions for filing; release of levy; conditions for service; reimbursement of fee; certificate of withdrawal; release of levy.
Section 141.691 Section Income tax board of review; appointment of city residents; selection of officers; adoption, filing, inspection, and copies of rules of procedure; quorum; conflict of interests; record of transactions and proceedings; availability of record and other writings to public; conducting business at public hearing; notice of hearing.
Section 141.692 Section Income tax board of review; notice of appeal; transcript; hearing; confidential tax data; payment of deficiency or refund.
Section 141.692a Section Appeal of final assessment, decision, or order for collection of city income tax to tax tribunal; procedure.
Section 141.693 Section Appeal of rule to department; appeal of final assessment, decision, or order to tax tribunal; procedure.