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Public Act Number: 19
Public Act Year: 2023
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 28.421 Section Definitions; lawful owning, possessing, carrying, or transporting of pistol greater than 26 inches in length; conditions; firearm not considered as pistol; election.
Section 28.422 Section License to purchase, carry, possess, or transport pistol or to purchase a firearm; issuance; qualifications; applications; sale of firearm; exemptions; transfer of ownership to heir or devisee; nonresident; active duty status; forging application as felony; implementation during business hours.
Section 28.422a Section Individuals not required to obtain license; duties of seller; background check; noncompliance as state civil infraction; penalty; entering information into pistol entry database; obtaining copy of information; exemption; material false statement as felony; penalty; rules; verification; definitions.
Section 28.422b Section Entry of order or disposition into law enforcement information network; written notice; person subject of order; request to amend inaccuracy; notice of grant or denial of request; hearing; entry of personal protection order; service required.
Section 28.432 Section Inapplicability of MCL 28.422; amendatory act as "Janet Kukuk act".
Section 28.434a Section Disposition of firearm; immunity from civil liability; "law enforcement agency" defined.