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Public Act Number: 131
Public Act Year: 2023
Document Type(s): MCLs
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Section 338.2213 Section Architect, professional engineer, or land surveyor; fees.
Section 338.2217 Section Barber, student barber, student instructor, barber instructor, person operating barbershop or barber college, or person seeking permit for demonstration or demonstrator's permit; fees.
Section 338.2221 Section Collection agency or collection agency manager; fees.
Section 338.2225 Section Cosmetologist, manicurist, natural hair culturist, esthetician, electrologist, instructor, operator of cosmetology establishment or school of cosmetology, person seeking student registration or transfer, or person conducting apprenticeship program; fees.
Section 338.2227 Section Employment or consulting agent or operator of personnel agency; fees.
Section 338.2231 Section Hearing aid dealer, salesperson, or trainee; fees.
Section 338.2237 Section Real estate broker, associate broker, salesperson, or branch office; fees; real estate education fund; real estate enforcement fund; creation.
Section 338.2238 Section State licensed real estate appraiser, certified general real estate appraiser, certified residential real estate appraiser, or limited real estate appraiser; fees; inclusion of federal fee; creation of real estate appraiser education fund.