Registered User System Features

Registering as a user of the Michigan Legislature website is free and simple. Once registered, you will gain access to the following features:

Notification Service

Registered users can sign up to be notified when items of intrest change or are added to the website. Notification will be in the form of an email sent to the participant when there is activity on the items they have chosen to watch.

Personal Filing Cabinet

Registered users can save searches and bookmarks to specific pages of the law in a personal filing cabinet for quick reference later. Unlike printed copies or documents saved to disk, information stored in the filing cabinet will always remain up to date.

Print Basket

Collections of diverse MCL section documents can be placed into a registered user's print basket, which allows the creation of a single custom document for printing. Such a virtual document can also be saved into the filing cabinet, where it will automatically reflect changes made to the MCL sections it contains.

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