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Committee Home Page: Military, Veterans and Homeland Security
Chair: Jennifer Conlin
Clerk Phone: 5173738474
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All bills ever referred to this committee.
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HB 4199 of 2023 (PA 33 of 2023)Military, Veterans and Homeland Security
Conlin, JenniferMilitary affairs: other; Michigan National Guard tuition assistance program; expand eligibility for spouses and dependants. Amends title & secs. 3 & 4 of 2014 PA 259 (MCL 32.433 & 32.434).2023-03-14referred 3/7/2023 reported with recommendation without amendment
HB 4336 of 2023Military, Veterans and Homeland Security
Carra, SteveMilitary affairs: other; release of the Michigan National Guard into active duty combat without an official act of Congress; prohibit. Amends 1967 PA 150 (MCL 32.501 - 32.851) by adding sec. 203.referred 3/23/2023
HB 4349 of 2023Military, Veterans and Homeland Security
O'Neal, AmosVeterans: other; Vietnam veteran era bonus act; extend. Amends secs. 2 & 11 of 1974 PA 370 (MCL 35.1022 & 35.1031).referred 4/11/2023
HB 4555 of 2023Military, Veterans and Homeland Security
Rogers, JulieHolidays: other; "Women Veterans Recognition Day"; designate as June 12 of each year. Creates new act.2023-05-23referred 5/11/2023 reported with recommendation without amendment
HCR 0004 of 2023Military, Veterans and Homeland Security
Conlin, JenniferA concurrent resolution to urge Congress to amend 38 USC § 5304 and 10 USC § 12316 to permit members of the United States reserves and National Guard to receive full or partial active service pay in tandem with disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs.referred 5/23/2023
HR 0071 of 2023Military, Veterans and Homeland Security
Borton, KenA resolution to urge the Department of Natural Resources to deny the Michigan National Guard’s request to expand the Camp Grayling Joint Maneuver Training Center.referred 4/12/2023

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