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What is an Initiative?

An initiative is a proposal to amend state law that the people of this state invoke by petition. The initiative process is detailed in section 9 of article 2 of the state constitution of 1963, which provides, in part:

Any law proposed by initiative petition shall be either enacted or rejected by the legislature without change or amendment within 40 session days from the time such petition is received by the legislature.

If any law proposed by such petition shall be enacted by the legislature it shall be subject to referendum, as hereinafter provided. If the law so proposed is not enacted by the legislature within the 40 days, the state officer authorized by law shall submit such proposed law to the people for approval or rejection at the next general election. The legislature may reject any measure so proposed by initiative petition and propose a different measure upon the same subject by a yea and nay vote upon separate roll calls, and in such event both measures shall be submitted by such state officer to the electors for approval or rejection at the next general election.

What is an Alternative Measure? (Not available for all Initiatives)

If the Legislature rejects a law proposed by initiative petition, the Legislature may propose a different ("alternative") measure upon the same subject as provided in Article 2, Section 9, of the Michigan Constitution of 1963. An alternative measure shall be labeled "Alternative Measure No. ___ to a law proposed by Initiative Petition". An alternative measure shall not be considered for a second reading in either house unless a law proposed by initiative petition has been rejected by a house. An alternative measure shall require a majority vote of the members elected and serving in each house for adoption, and the vote shall be by record roll call.

Measures proposed under Article 2, Section 9 of the Constitution of 1963:

An initiative of legislation to ...
2021 ... repeal 1945 PA 302, entitled "An act authorizing the governor to proclaim a state of emergency, and to prescribe the powers and duties of the governor with respect thereto; and to prescribe penalties," (MCL 10.31 to 10.33).(PA 77; 2021)
2018 ... enact the Improved Workforce Opportunity Wage Act (PA 337; 2018)
2018 ... providers workers with the right to earn sick time for personal or family health needs... (PA 338; 2018)
2018 ... allow under state law the personal possession and use of marihuana by persons 21 years of age or older; (IL 1; 2018)
2018 ... repeal 1965 PA 166, entitled "An act to require prevailing wages and fringe benefits... (PA 171; 2018)
2014 ... enact the Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act. (PA 281; 2014)
2013 ... to enact the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act. (PA 182; 2013)
2008 ... allow under State Law the medical use of marihuana. (IL 1; 2008)
2006 ... to amend 1979 PA 94, entitled "An act to make appropriations to aid in the support of the public schools...
2006 ... repeal 1975 PA 228 (PA 325; 2006)

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