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House: Adjourned until Tuesday, June 6, 2023 1:30:00 PM
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HR 0032 of 2023House ResolutionA resolution to declare February 6-10, 2023, as School Counseling Week in the state of Michigan.
Last Action: 02/08/2023 - adopted
HB 4031 of 2023House BillCorrections: other; reference to crime of administering drugs to procure miscarriage; remove to reflect repeal. Amends sec. 33b of 1953 PA 232 (MCL 791.233b). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4006'23
Last Action: 03/01/2023 - referred to second reading
HB 4081 of 2023House BillEducation: counseling; minimum number of school counselors to be employed by a school district, intermediate school district, or public school academy; establish. Amends 1976 PA 451 (MCL 380.1 - 380.1852) by adding sec. 1173.
Last Action: 02/15/2023 - bill electronically reproduced 02/14/2023
HB 4144 of 2023House BillCrimes: weapons; penalties for storing or leaving a firearm where it may be accessed by a minor; provide for. Amends sec. 15 of 1927 PA 372 (MCL 28.435) & adds sec. 9.
HB 4192 of 2023House BillCorrections: other; program to provide driver license and state identification cards to parolees; provide for. Amends sec. 34c of 1953 PA 232 (MCL 791.234c). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4193'23, HB 4191'23
Last Action: 04/11/2023 - referred to second reading
HB 4291 of 2023House BillHealth: children; youth athletes; require department to develop educational materials and training program regarding sudden cardiac arrest in athletes and their return to athletic activity. Amends 1978 PA 368 (MCL 333.1101 - 333.25211) by adding secs. 9157 & 9158.
Last Action: 03/21/2023 - bill electronically reproduced 03/21/2023
HB 4292 of 2023House BillAppropriations: general government; appropriations for fiscal year 2023-2024; provide for. Creates appropriation act.
Last Action: 05/17/2023 - laid over one day under the rules
HB 4359 of 2023House BillEnvironmental protection: pollution prevention; plastic bags and other containers; repeal act preempting local regulation of. Repeals 2016 PA 389 (MCL 445.591 - 445.593).
Last Action: 04/12/2023 - bill electronically reproduced 04/12/2023
HB 4360 of 2023House BillLocal government: authorities; emergency services authorities; allow to serve partial municipalities. Amends sec. 2 of 1988 PA 57 (MCL 124.602).
Last Action: 04/12/2023 - bill electronically reproduced 04/12/2023
HB 4361 of 2023House BillIndividual income tax: credit; 1-time credit for organ donation; provide for. Amends 1967 PA 281 (MCL 206.1 - 206.847) by adding sec. 280.
Last Action: 05/04/2023 - referred to Committee on Tax Policy
HB 4362 of 2023House BillIndividual income tax: other; opt-in option for individuals to participate in organ donor registry when filing taxes; provide for. Amends sec. 471 of 1967 PA 281 (MCL 206.471) & adds sec. 474. TIE BAR WITH: HB 4363'23, HB 4364'23
HB 4580 of 2023House BillHuman services: medical services; reimbursement rate for telehealth visits; require to be the same as reimbursements for office visits. Amends sec. 105h of 1939 PA 280 (MCL 400.105h).
Last Action: 05/17/2023 - bill electronically reproduced 05/17/2023
HB 4616 of 2023House BillMental health: children; conversion therapy; prohibit. Amends 1974 PA 258 (MCL 330.1001 - 330.2106) by adding sec. 901a. TIE BAR WITH: HB 4617'23
Last Action: 05/24/2023 - bill electronically reproduced 05/24/2023
HB 4628 of 2023House BillCourts: family division; use of screening tool for minors sought to be placed on the consent calendar; require. Amends sec. 2f, ch. XIIA of 1939 PA 288 (MCL 712A.2f). TIE BAR WITH: HB 4624'23
Last Action: 05/24/2023 - bill electronically reproduced 05/24/2023
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